Return & Refund Policies

Do I have to return to the original place of purchase to return or exchange?

Yes, since your transaction information is stored at the original place of sales, please return to the original place of purchase within the return or exchange period, based on the transaction and exchange guidelines of that place of sales.


What are the types of products that cannot be returned or exchanged?

Except if there are defects in the product itself, returns or exchanges are not possible in the following cases: if the return or exchange period is exceeded, if the invoice and purchase details are not provided, if the credit card and signature bill of the original transaction are not presented, if a coupon is used, if bonus points are used, if the gift is not returned or if the packaging of the product is damaged.


Can I return or exchange a product that has been delivered and the packaging has been discarded?

If your product is not fully packaged, we are unable to return or exchange it, except if the product itself is defective.


Other Product Services

Please prepare your proof of purchase first, contact the original purchase store or call our customer service center and someone will serve you.