GREATIM Rotating Hanger Rack/Cubicle Wall Hook-Elegant Storage Solutions for Home, Office or Other Indoor Spaces.

Cubicle Wall Hook greatim GT-GH001 GT-SH001 GT-SH002 GT-SH005 rotatinghangerrack

Rotating Hanger Rack Good for home, office and hotel storage. The "round hanging ring" design allows multiple hangers in each loop at all times. Convenient storage Rack is fully flattened against wallwhen not in use, so takes no extra space. Cubicle Wall Hook It’s pretty portable for organizing your personal belongings within arm’s reach. The universal hooks create an instant space on various occasions. Protective rubber rings to resist daily scratches.
Model GT-SH001 GT-SH002 GT-SH005 GT-GH001
Material SPCC, Zinc Alloy SPCC, Zinc Alloy Aluminum alloy Stainless Steel 304
Shape Infinity Geometry Geometry Double-Headed
Size Ø 90 * H 322 mm Ø 90 * H 260 mm L 252 * Ø 94.2 mm 120.7 x 76.2 x 50.8 mm
Weight 430 g 370 g 305 g 100 g

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