Greatim International have well-trained and highly-experienced develop team members who worked for more than10 years in the fields of decoration hardware and interior design, and continuously improve our technology through multiple corrections and adjustments with our customers in numerous cooperations and actual transactions. We are committed to provide the products with better quality and higher usability.

Greatim International devotes itself to the design and development of innovative products and also product improvement. With unlimited creativity and passions, we provide various series of hardware products for home and business use. All our products are made for leveling up your spiritual and material life, and this is also where our passions are from.



A product’s value comes from the enhancement of the quality of user’s life.

Tight schedule and information overload, the routine makes us forget what life should be like. As an inventor with thorough thinking and observation, Greatim digs out every unsaid demand. Through our product design, we fulfill your desires for easiness, efficiency and experiences for life. When a product is injected with humanity and emotion, it grants you options. You can build your own ideal life.

In addition to originality, user experience, intuitive operation and aesthetics are non-negotiable. Last but not least, Greatim keeps in mind the use of environment-friendly materials and importance of reducing waste and pollution in every step of production and distribution. Team up with Greatim, and you will know how good life can be.