3-year Quality Guarantee

  • This guarantee covers: hardware parts, storage hangers/hanging rods, door locks/latches/buckles series.
  • The quality is guaranteed for the duration of the warranty period.
  • The warranty period is effective from the first day since purchase and proof of purchase invoice is required.
  • This quality guarantee applies only to normal household use and in accordance with the product's maintenance and operating instructions.


Product Warranty and After-Sales Service

 Do GREATIM products provide warranty service?

The GREATIM brand products you purchase through the official GREATIM channel and other online shopping platforms have maintenance and warranty service coverage. Maintenance is free of charge during the warranty period, but some damage caused by human factors still need to be repaired at your own expense.


Definition of the GREATIM product warranty scope

  • Warranty coverage: hardware parts, storage hangers/hanging rods, door locks/latches/buckles, etc.
  • This warranty is limited to normal household use only. No warranty is provided for business or display use.
  • The warranty does not cover mildew or tannic acid in wood due to humidity or outdoor environments.
  • The warranty does not cover the products purchased from store displays and in special sales campaigns.
  • The warranty does not cover changes in appearance resulting from use, such as normal wear and tear, sunlight exposure, moisture, mold, insect damage.
  • The product warranty is limited to the original purchaser only and the warranty rights are not transferable. Warranty service cannot be provided to those who cannot produce proof of purchase such as invoice.


Warranty Service Process

The warranty service is only available within the territory of Taiwan. If there is a problem with the product during the warranty period, please contact GREATIM customer service or the original place of purchase in Taiwan. The Company will determine the after-sales service that can be provided based on the conditions of the product. If the product is used in normal conditions and meets our warranty criteria, the Company will provide product maintenance and consultation, or replace the product with the same or a product of equivalent grade.


How to send GREATIM products for repair?

If the product was purchased from the official GREATIM channel in Taiwan and is still under warranty, please send the product for repair to our head office in Taipei, and we will send you a repair quotation after reviewing and evaluating the product.


Product Repair Time

The repair time varies from case to case. For example, if the outer casing is broken and needs to be repaired, or if parts are out of stock, the repair time may vary from 30 to 60 working days. The store staff will provide you with the estimated repair time when you contact us for a repair quotation.


Product Repair Cost

The repair cost varies based on the damage situation and we will send you the repair quotation.


The original product warranty service cannot be provided for the following conditions:

  • The product warranty does not apply to defects caused by improper storage, incorrect installation, inappropriate use, self-alteration of structure, or use of improper cleaning methods or supplies.
  • The product warranty does not apply to damage caused by normal wear and tear, cuts, scratches, impacts or accidents.
  • The product warranty does not apply if the product is placed outdoors or in a humid environment.
  • The product warranty does not apply to damage caused by dismantling or repairing the product by yourself.
  • The product warranty does not apply to damage caused by natural disasters or accidents.
  • GREATIM reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this warranty.
  • The proof of purchase, such as the invoice, cannot be presented.
  • Any other failure or damage that can be attributed to the purchaser.